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David McKay

David  McKay  was known around the world as the fifth Beetle. David was a musical prodigy who studied under Mrs Cane at the North Sydney Demonstration School before the front brakes of his Malvern Star locked, catapulting David over the handlebars of his bike, onto Unwin's Bridge Road and out of the Ist Bassoon chair with the N.D.S.S junior orchestra. A position Richard Tongetti filled, despite the rumour that the brake was tampered with by a boy in a hood, with a Wollongong accent, Richard was never charged and the rest is history.

David with his right hand unable to grip his favourite instrument was forced to look for anther avenue of his expression. That came quite by accident when David stumbled into his first life drawing class. Not nearly as interested in art as he was in "ogling" the girl who was standing naked in front of him, David was ejected from the class. David returned the next day with a 6 inch brush he found in a neighbours garage, taped to his damaged right hand and a square of canvas cut from his brother's cowboy tent. 

David's interest in painting developed rapidly, attending the life drawing classes regularly, partly on the oft chance the model did appear.

His early influences have remained and he is always available for a commission as long as it involves voluptuous woman sans kit.