About Us

Mambo was born in 1984 and raised by a loose collective of artists and musicians - Reg Mombassa, Richard Allan, David Mckay, Gerry Wedd, Paul McNeil, Jeff Raglus and Paul Worsted amongst others.  Dare Jennings conducted the surrealist movement which came to be know as Mambo.
The surfing culture of anti everything in the 70's and early 80's added to the Mambo tapestry of inspirations.

Mambo has hosted music festivals and major art exhibitions throughout the world. Mambo is a cauldron for developing and exploiting, fostering artistic talent by allowing the Mambo tee shirt to be a vehicle for their art and an expression of their humour.

Mambo published ART IRRITATES LIFE and  STILL LIFE WITH FRANCHISE chronicling it's art and its revolutionary upbringing.

Mambo is cited as one of the world's most influential apparel brands in CULT STREETWEAR.

The Mambo philosophy of LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG IN A NICE PAIR OF SHORTS is still core to who we are.