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Welcome to the Museum Of Mambo Art Mambo loves art. Art is the reason that Mambo exists : to build a product that we could cover with some top-shelf quality art - and to pay off some parking fines (and to meet some models or aspiring actresses working as waitresses ). There’s no object or item of clothing that won’t look better after it has been introduced to a piece of quality artwork. From a toilet door to a canvas covered by Renaissance paint, objects can be transformed with the addition of an enigmatic looking woman posing in front of an Italianate backdrop or of a drawing of a male stick figure poised to thrust an unfeasibly large penis into the bum of another male stick figure (with an accompanying name, phone number and the promise of a “good time” scrawled underneath).  Mambo has worked with some of the greatest visual and graphic artists of our age … of any age. And they have produced some of the finest art ever to find its way onto a t-shirt, poster, surfboard, CD cover, ceramic urn, item of packaging or bonnet of a Mazda Rx7 - much to the surprise of its owner who was eventually talked out of pursuing legal proceedings after we agreed to buy the thing. The car had been sitting in Mambo carpark for a month. We thought it had been dumped. The acronym, MOMA, or the Museum Of Mambo Art is of course used  by the Museum Of Modern Art in NY and we love the fact they embraced the letters. We had toyed with the idea of calling our “gallery” the Mambo Centre For Fine Art And Live Bait – and sell fine art and live bait, but that idea was only funny for as long as it took to buy the next round of drinks. And besides, in the event that we eventually launch a site off-loading original Mambo object d'art, we're more likely to attract some genuine cash - as opposed to the usual tyre-kickers, with a name that offers a bit of confidence. Like, British Petroleum.  In the meantime we thought you might like to peruse a selection of some of our finest moments