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Who the hell's "The Artist " ?

"The Artist " who created the Dogs was Mambo's architect of Surrealist Art when the brand first surfaced. His work is amazing and stands as a testament to his genius.

He was Mambo's first freelance contributor. Born in America, he lived with his uncle, Buddy Holly for a number of years until Holly's death in a plane crash on his way to a concert in Texas. Allan was to be a passenger on board the flight, but gave up his seat at the last moment to the Big Bopper.

He sailed to Australia the following month to be reunited with his family.

The Mambo Dog House and its inhabitants was inspired after a trip to Paris, living amongst the avant garde surfers and artists hanging out on the left bank, smoking Gauloises, drinking strong coffee, while simultaneously dunking stale croissants in the caffeine to quell their hunger. And as the day progressed, copious glasses of medical wine were consumed, deep into seedy nights, arguing philsophical points of view before the dullards of instagram existed.

His by-lines are written on tombstones and also feature  in the back neck of our t-shirts, "More a pair of shorts than a way of life". While his time at Mambo was short, his legacy is unquestioned. He started another multi million pound clothing brand in Melbourne with two reprobate ex Mambo skaters - the Hill Brothers and left over creative differences.

He resurfaced in London and worked with Mark Newsom adding his creative touch to over priced consumer products that Mark designed. If you read this, please call, as while we know that two bright lights couldn't exist in the same room, back in the day with Mambo, Dare has left and was last seen on his motor bike in Canngu and we'd love to re acquaint.