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Here are some things that may blow your mind a little. 

  • The name Mambo is an abbreviation of a Latin phrase that appeared on the back of a medal that was presented to Elvis Presley by former US President, Richard Nixon.


  • Mambo’s first t-shirt graphic, ‘Invasion of The Chain Store Surfers’ was adapted from a crudely printed t-shirt found stretched over the passenger seat of an abandoned panel van in the Sydney suburb of Redfern.


  • An early Mambo poster,Live Fast, Die Young In A Nice Pair Of Shorts featured a teenager wearing ‘a nice pair of Mambo shorts’ lying splattered in front of a truck after having been knocked off his bike. At the same time as this poster was being condemned by the Californian Traffic Authority for its use of “violent and inappropriate themes to sell an unrelated product”, it was also being used by the Victorian Department of Main Roads to encourage kids to wear bicycle helmets.  


  • Australian prime minister, Paul Keating chose the Mambo studio to release Labor’s youth policy during the 1996 federal election campaign.


  • Mambo/Hardcore Easter Skateboard Festival poster, featuring an illustration of a skater nailed Christ-like to a cross generated over 1,000 phone calls and letters of complaint. This remains a record for any Australian poster.


  • Mambo donated $100,000 to the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA). The money came from profits made from the sale of Mambo’s infamous PAULINE HANSON/REDNECKS t-shirt.


  • Total profits from the sale of Mambo’s iconic ‘Farting Dog’ t-shirt over the period 2005/2006 eclipsed the gross domestic product (GDP) of the former Russian state of Azerbaijan.

Mark Tydeman
Mark Tydeman

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