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Et canine speramus

Dogs are intrinsic to both the graphic iconography, and the culture of Mambo. They are Mambo’s best friend. They are loyal, and they are dependable. You don’t have to worry about a dog hitting you up for a loan. And they can be taught to fetch you a cup of black coffee when you’re too hungover to fall out of bed and crawl to the kitchen to get it yourself. And if you happen to be out late on the piste and get buried under an avalanche, a St. Bernard has been trained to locate your body, dig you out of the snow, pour brandy down your throat, and then call an ambulance and travel with you to the nearest hospital.

The Mambo graphic catalog was launched off the back of artist, Richard Allan’s dog, although not Richard’s actual dog but a brutally abstracted version of a Blue Heeler he once owned - with a spastic colon, conceived during an acid flashback in a rave party port-a-loo, in 1986.

Since its introduction to the international youth exploitation market, total sales of our iconic, flatulent pooch continue to exceed the gross domestic product (GDP) of the former Russian state of Azerbaijan.