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100% Mambo 100% Sustainable Our Vision

In a world dominated by disposable, cheap throwaway clothing, we want to share our vision of a sustainable, machine washable culture.

Our program of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester ensures that when we add our art to such glorious products we are creating masterpieces of clothing with fine art adorned.

We will not be cowed by our accountants and financial advisers, who try to convince us that we can make it cheaper and sell it for more margin. All those who seek to buy inferior garments have to realise that we will never allow the dust and germs of the bloated clothing industry who sell landfill masquerading as clothing, affect our vision.

The shining path of our sustainable culture will run crimson with the blood of our enemies. 

Long live the sustainable revolution, artistic liberation and spiritual perfection of 100% Mambo.